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10 Best Pool Table Lights 2023 Buying Guide

There is the utmost importance held by lighting in a pool game. The majority of people believe that it is a complete waste, but they often end up keeping themselves from real experience. However, we understand that you aren’t one of them and understand why it is necessary to have the best pool table lights. Don’t worry; you will get a complete answer for all your questions along with some valuable knowledge in this post. Stick with this post until the end and make your pool game better.

How high to hang pool table light?

One of the important myths among the pool community is “what is the correct way and right height are to hang the light above the pool table.” Please ensure that the main motive behind installing the pool table lights is to brighten the complete area of the table along with the top portion of rails. Additionally, there should be adequate room for shooting and maneuvering under the light.

If you follow the general guidelines, then the lighting should be at a height between 62 & 66 inches from the floor, not the table. The distance shouldn’t be more than 36 inches if you are calculating from the table. There are chances that one may have to make some adjustments as per the height of the table legs. However, the normal height ranges from 32 to 36 inches from the canopy as a thumb rule.

That’s not all; the size of the pool table can also assist in finding the right type of light. The larger tables can’t get adequate coverage from three standard light bars. In that case, you may have to employ more than 5 bars to give proper illumination to the table. We believe that now you understand what will be the right height for hanging the light above the pool. If you also need a pool table cover don’t have enough knowledge to have a look at our pool table cover buying guide.

Which are the top 10 best pool table lights in 2021?

That’s a tricky question to ask even for a professional. To ease your tension, our team has researched and tested over 30 lights to ensure that the users get access to the authentic content. After checking all of them, our team has succeeded in creating a list of the top 10 best pool table lights in 2021 from which you can choose according to the needs.  We suggest you read the post until the end for better knowledge.

1. Westinghouse Lighting 6332500 (editor’s choice)

After going through extended research, we found that this model from Westinghouse Lighting is the most incredible option to use. Which makes this item on top of the list thanks to three 60 watt medium base light bulbs and an impressive brightness system. That means you can enjoy wonderful lighting over the pool table that lets you play each shot conveniently.

It is a classic three-light shade lamp that we believe has the ability to brighten billiard and pool tables comfortably. This pool light can be shopped in a variety of colors like white interior, bronze interior, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and washed cooper.

Oil Bronze Finish

The main thing that our team wants to talk about is its industrial and vintage construction that can suit a great range of interior styles. It ranges from modern city houses to ones with a traditional touch. There are very beautiful highlights added on broad shades for developing a farmhouse appeal. Along with that, there are a pretty warm glow cast thanks to the metallic bronze finish. Playing in such an environment gives a different feel to the pool game.

Adjustable Pulley System

This one is one of the few lights that come with an adjustable pulley system through which you can set it on the right distance at a certain height. The pool tables are available in a variety of lengths, so this feature can turn out to be very handy. You don’t need to worry about whether the height of the ceiling will match the pool table height or not.

Five-year Warranty

Another positive prospect of this unit is its five-year warranty that provides the required protection that occurs during manufacturing. It is a highly authentic unit having a very positive reputation among the buyers. Despite that, the company sells it with amazing warranty policies for customer’s peace of mind.


  • Easy to adjust the iconic pulley system for ideal convenience
  • Unique appeal and detailing added to the lights
  • Capable of matching with a multitude of interior styles


  • Some buyers complain about wrong welding in design
  • Sockets bend easily

2. Iszy Billiards Pool Table Light (best for 7 or 8 foot pool table)

If you want to make sure that even the tiniest part in the table doesn’t remain in the dark, then we suggest you shopping this model. It is one of the most portable pool table lamps that available in a variety of colors like black metal shades, green metal shades, and red metal shades. This product delivered with a great set of instructions and mounting hardware, so there is nothing you have to shop additionally.

You will also get a dual installation option with this unit, i.e., hard-wired and plug-in using an adapter. However, the manufacturer recommended calling a licensed electrician for the installation process. It will make sure the users stay safe from any kind of hazards.

Adjustable Chain

The manufacturer has added a brilliant adjustable chain system that makes sure you don’t find any difficulty in setting the light at the right distance from the table. It may not be a pulley system, but things become very easier with the presence of a chain system.

Durable Metal Rod

The top thing that attracts the buyers toward this unit is its highly durable and stable metal rod that can turn to be an incredible addition to your playing room. On top of that, we find that it doesn’t break even if after falling accidentally from the hands.

Long-lasting unit

Buying this incredible pool table lamp will ensure that one doesn’t have to shop for another unit again for many years. The company has used top-notch material that ensures that one doesn’t have to worry about the life of this product.


  • Delivered with a complete set of mounting hardware
  • Provide dual installation option to the users for better convenience
  • Available to shop at a very affordable price range


  • Loose screws complaints in some packages
  • Small canopy might be an issue for many people


3. Wellmet 3 Pendant Light (best for vintage design)

There are chances that lots of our buyers loved things with vintage design. If you have a similar requirement, then invest your hard-earned money in this pendant light. While the testing phase, we found that this unit has succeeded in excelling in all types of environments without any problem. You can shop this unit in four different colors like black, green, blue, and red that provides an extra choice to the buyers.

On top of that, the company sells it in two different variants for the convenience of users. The first one has a length of 59 inches and equipped with three lights, whereas the other one has a length of 70 inches and includes four lights.

Unique Construction

This three pendant pool table light equipped with an extremely sleek metal bar and shades. There is a beautiful matte black finish added by the company for a completely different look. It can be a solid option for brightening the pool tables that set in a living room or a kitchen.

Superb brightness

The next feature that our team finds most convincing about this unit is the proper lightning system that can brighten the complete table. The company has added space for three 60 W bulbs that give enough light to let the users play the game excitedly.

30-day money-back guarantee

You can shop this unit with full confidence due to the availability of a 30-day money-back warranty. If one faces any problem within this period, then there will full money credited back in the account.


  • Easy to adjustable height with two metal chains
  • Crafted in a very beautiful pendant design for extra shades
  • Equipped with a 30-day money-back and 12-month manufacturer warranty
  • Detailing needs some improvement for sure
  • Little bit expensive unit to buy


4. ELK 66145-3 Chadwick Billiard Light (best for 8 feet billiard table)

Do you own an 8 feet billiard table and looking to enlighten it? If yes, then don’t look anything further than ELK 66145. There is incandescent light, and antique-style brings by this light on the table. It uses three bulbs and a total wattage of 300 volts used by this light.

This light is capable of bringing a new form of décor to the room for boosting the playing experience. It is one of the best pool table lights having a frosted glass shade finish that you can’t find in too many units.

Brilliant Copper Light

This unit is quite bigger than featured in the photo and imagination. The main thing about this fixture is the nice copper light that looks pretty convincing on the table. It is a very sturdy and well-made product that can be a brilliant option to buy.

Classic Construction

The second important thing that woos most about this light is its classic design and finish. It can look perfect in any room and create an energetic environment for the game. The design of this light purely reflects the beauty of hand-turned craftsmanship.

1-year warranty

The buyers can have complete peace of mind by shopping this unit thanks to a one-year warranty. On top of that, there is a 30-day replacement on the parts ensuring that the product gets replaced in case of any fault from the manufacturer’s end.


  • The installation process is quite easier to get completed within minutes
  • Crafted with a frosted glass shade finish for extra décor
  • Constructed in a classic antique construction
  • Available at an affordable price


  • Uses three bulbs that needed to be shopped separately
  • Not ideal for 10 feet tables


5. CO-Z Pool Table Light (best for rustic light)

The CO-Z has done a tremendous job by creating excellent pool table lights for people who are looking for rustic lights for matching their needs successfully. It is an elegant product that utilizes the power of three E26 LED bulbs for giving adequate lighting while playing the game of pool. In fact, the buyers can even use the dimmers instead of bulbs if they want to use it in their kitchen or bedroom.

No one will get surprised if we say that this unit can give a perfect value for the money to the buyers. Furthermore, the quality presented by this unit is completely unmatched. The manufacturer has handcrafted the lamp and then fixes it using a thick steel frame.

Easy to assemble process

Providing rustic light isn’t the only thing done by this classic pool table lights. Another considerable benefit of this product is it’s easy to assemble process. The package comes with a 4” chain on all sides that allow the users to fix light above the table with minimal effort. Also, the instructions are quite easier to follow and let the people complete the process in minutes.

Solid steel construction

This awesome piece is sealed in a pretty high-quality and strong steel frame that makes sure you stay worry-free after the purchase. There are many instances where the unit may fall accidentally, so it helps in preventing a breakdown. Also, the bronze finish improves the décor of the room.

Geometric handcrafted art

The presence of such impressive art adds a new type of feeling to the game. It has stained glass in a variety of shades that include amber, cream, and warm honey. Their mixture assists in improving the focus on the pool table.


  • Frame equipped with bronze finish for extra durability and elegance
  • Can be installed within minutes
  • Crafted in a very beautiful design
  • Backed by one-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Complaints about break down of glass holding clips
  • Too costly to shop for some buyers


6. Wellmet 59” Hanging Pool Table Light (best bang for buck pick)

The next one on this list is a stylishly designed pool table light that has a high-quality metal finish and solid anti-rust protection. It is available in two different sizes, i.e., 59 inches and 70 inches. The company manufactures this unit in a variety of colors like red, blue, green, and black. The main thing that you will love about this unit is its stylish construction displaying elegance and delicacy.

The company delivers this unit with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 18 months warranty that is wonderful for sure. The company also has an exciting customer service that stays ready 24X7 for helping the buyers in case of any happening.

Traditional and eye-catching construction

It is one of the most beautiful lights that you can buy from the market thanks to its beautiful matte black finish. This amazing product is capable of accommodating a great variety of décor styles quite convincingly. It is pretty assured that this island light will satisfy your needs perfectly with its low upkeep needs.

Fully adjustable chain

There are very few units available that come with such a feature through which users can adjust the height of the light. It won’t cause any glare, headache, and shadows at all on the table. You will succeed in playing the game with proper lightning.

Dual Shade Bar

The majority pool table lights are hung using one center chain, but that’s not the case with this unit. It has a multi-shade bar that let you connect the chain from both ends. Having such construction will result in creating a better weight distribution.


  • Doesn’t ask too much assembly from the buyers as it gets set up with minimal effort
  • Equip with space for placing the pool balls
  • Adjustable chain for better placement of light
  • Give pretty awesome weight distribution


  • Light cover made from poor material
  • Instruction manual language little bit difficult to understand


7. Hathaway BG2576 Billiard Light (best 3-shade billiard light)

If you are looking to buy a simple to use the affordable unit, then don’t look anything further than Hathaway BG2576. It can offer brilliant lighting to the table and allow the users to enjoy games comfortably. It may not have a fancy construction, but give a terrific performance in terms of brightness. Furthermore, the installation process is quite reliable and doesn’t ask for any proficiency. It only uses three light bulbs that can cover the complete table adequately. This pool light is ideal for shopping if you are looking to for three-shade lighting.


4-foot wire

Despite selling it at a very affordable price range, the company has tried to keep all requirements in mind. That’s why they have added a 4-foot wire that ensures that the buyers don’t have to keep a table near the socket. Also, you will get a ceiling cover and required hardware for completing the installation process.

Matte Black Finish

Although the design of this unit is quite basic, still the manufacturer has added a gorgeous matte black finish having chrome accents. This design will be a wonderful option for people who love black color. Furthermore, it matches perfectly with the majority of decors easily.


Another considerable thing about this pool table is its pre-wiring that allows direct electric contact. It doesn’t involve a plug-in process that not only saves time but also very convenient to use.


  • One of the most affordable units to buy
  • Provide adequate lighting on the table
  • Equipped with direct wiring system for better performance
  • Delivered with a full set of hardware for catering needs of different table sizes


  • Crafted in a very simple black design
  • A little bit tricky to install

8. Unitary Brand Black Antique Pendant Light

This 3-pack light is a pure beauty that one can add to their place for impressive lighting on the pool table. Installing this unit will result in making the light centerpiece of the room. It is guaranteed that it will boost the interior of your room for sure.

This product has a vintage black finish that will add a traditional touch to the place where you play the pool game. It is a dimmable fixture that anyone will love to buy for brightening the pool game.

Detailed installation manual

The most significant thing about this pool table light is an amazing installation process that includes step by step instructions. Each word is explained in an easier language so that even a beginner can understand the installation process adequately.

Brilliant finish

The body of this table light is crafted in a beautiful design with a black finish. You can say that this unit is an exceptional product that can be considered a wonderful mixture of vintage and performance. The company has performed a tremendous job when it comes to the design and performance of this unit.

Durable material

The complete product is manufactured using top-grade metal that can last for many years, even after accidental falls. On top of that, the fitting of the unit with the bulbs and installation process is pretty superior. Overall, the complete unit is quite brilliant and wonderful enough to illuminate your pool table.


  • Extra support to the structure due to bass support
  • Manufactured with durable and sturdy material
  • Pretty longer and convincing lifespan
  • Easy to understand the installation process



  • Complaints about missing tools in the package
  • Only available in a single color


9. Baiwaiz Wood Pool Table Light E26 069 (best value for the money)

The product accommodating ninth position in the list is this lightweight pool table light that can be installed with a little bit of effort. It weighs less than 12 pounds thanks to the reinforced construction. Due to this, this light can be installed on both flat as well as sloped ceilings without any problem. It is a fully adjustable unit that allows you to move the lights up to 20” according to the convenience.

Additionally, this product is backed by a generous two-year warranty and delivered with a complete set of accessories for convenient installation. It is available in three different variants that include three light ceilings, a 5-light pendant, and a 5light ceiling.

Adjustable Rod

As we have already explained, this product comes with an adjustment feature that becomes possible due to the presence of two rods. Using which, you can set the height of light anywhere between 20.9 and 39.4 inches from the ceiling level.

Chic Liner Case Construction

There is no harm in having a unit that can glow up the table along with boosting the décor of the room. It has a highly durable iron design that painted brilliantly along with a perfect finishing for protection against rust.

Quick installation guide

The company delivers this unit with a complete set of instructions that result in a convenient installation. The mounting hardware is delivered in a perfect package to ensure that nothing gets lost at all.


  • The extremely lightweight unit fits perfectly on sloped ceilings
  • Very affordable to buy when compared with others
  • Adjustable height option
  • Backed by a two-year warranty


  • Lack of dimmer switch
  • Under average lighting spread

10. Trademark Ganeroom Green Three Shade Lamp (best under $100)

Crafted in brass support construction, this unit is a wonderful option that you can buy for enjoying wonderful lighting on the pool table. It has sturdy poly resin shades that look quite wonderful and matches the décor of the room. There is a 110-volt household outlet installed in the unit for the convenience of the buyers.

It has hanging chains that can be set at a height according to the requirement. In simple words, we can say it is a pretty fantastic pool table light that you can buy for playing the game comfortably.

Perfect measurement

The most consistent thing about this unit is its ideal construction with 60 inches length and 14 inches diameter. There are three lamps that can provide lighting to a complete table together. It ensures that not even a small portion left in the dark when you play the pool game.

Sturdy polyresin shades

Another brilliant thing about this unit is the durable poly resin shades added on it. It assists in setting up the bulb to its ideal point without facing too many problems. The shades provided by this resin are quite brilliant.

110-volt household outlet

This pool table light comes with a 110-volt household outlet that is available only in a few models. It can turn out to be very handy as the majority of the home has this outlet so there will be no need for an extension.


  • Equipped with a set of hanging chains for a better setting
  • Provide adequate lighting with three light bulb sockets
  • Designed in a very beautiful design
  • Available to buy at a decent price range



  • Some doesn’t like its design

How to choose the right pool table light? Buying Guide

There are many things that you need to take into consideration while selecting a pool table light. The majority of people don’t bother to check that cost them hugely later. However, you shouldn’t be one of them and buy a light after checking all of them. We have mentioned the major factors below in detail:

  • Style

The style of light mainly depends on the décor of your room. The major styles people use for their pool table game are contemporary, classic, modern, tiffany, sports, and antique.

There are many more styles available in the market, but we suggest you choose the one that boosts the décor of your room. It shouldn’t look awkward above the pool table.

  • Pool Table length

The majority of tables have length anywhere between 7 and 9 feet. Finding the right-sized light for the pool table isn’t a hard thing, but there are certain considerations that should be taken for creating proper lighting.

If you have a small table with 7 feet length, then a fixture with 45” length will be perfect. However, it is ideal to go for lights with more than 45” for larger tables with length up to 9 or 10 feet.

  • Power output

The majority of people mistaken output with the number of bulbs, but that’s not the right method. For example, a single bulb of 50W will produce more light than a group of three 15W bulbs.

So, it is better to check out the complete output of the unit instead of bulbs quantity. The longer your pool table is, the better output you need. Keep the length of the table into consideration while choosing one.

  • Shading

Style isn’t the only consideration to think if you are very selective about your playroom. Ideally, you have a look at the shading of the light. Nowadays, the most common options are single or multi-shade light.

For those who don’t know, a single shade means a light that only has one shade targeting the illumination at a particular part. On the other hand, the multi-shade lights come with anywhere between 2 & 6 shades. You will find such lights in bars and pubs. The choice depends on an individual as what kind of shading they want so we suggest deciding according to that.


The pool is one of those popular games that have a very rich history all over the globe. It is important for a geek pool game lover to spend money in the right type of accessories that boost the level of their performance. We have specified the best pool table lights available presently in the market along with factors that assist in making the right selection. Our team believes that you may have already chosen one of these units. If you still have a query regarding pool table lights or any other pool table accessory, please write to us in the comment section.

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