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Top 9 Best Pool Cue Cases Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

A cue stick is a costly investment that needs to be maintained properly. There is a need of some sort of protection for cue sticks for dealing with extreme weather conditions and other impurities. For that purpose, the best pool cue case is the most suitable investment to make.

Unlike other equipment, the cue cases are manufactured by a great number of brands using different materials. Apart from that, a high-quality case makes things classy as well as professional.

We are happy to know that you care about your cue stick and that’s why looking to shop a favorable cue case for giving it desired protection. In this post, we are going to tell you about the top models of cue cases along with the method to choose the right one and other essential information. Read our break cue buying guide.

Which one to choose- a soft cue case or a hard cue case?

A common query that our readers usually asked us is whether to go for a soft or hard cue case. For those readers, we want to tell that both of them have pros and cons that need to keep in mind. That’s why you need to check both of them and then decide the one that suits your needs perfectly.

Soft Cue Case

First, we will talk about the soft cue case that is extremely popular among the pool players. The majority of models can be unzipped completely that isn’t the case with another type of case. It helps the users to see their cue in a better presentational manner. This type of cue case is preferred by players as it let them display their cues incredibly. So, the people who want to do the same thing can go for the soft cue case for sure.

The reason behind the soft cases are considered soft is because they are empty that let the users flex their case. They can fold the case in half if there are no cues in the case. Another thing that needs to be noted about this variant is they are pretty low in weight.

Hard Cue Case

As the name suggests, it is the harder version of cue cases that crafted with a pretty rigid structure for ensuring that the cues stay secure without any damage. They are pretty hard, and that’s folding them in half won’t be possible. These types of cases are better against breakage and warping.

There are flaps added on the open on them with an open hinge from which cues can be withdrawn. It is the ideal option to choose for people who don’t want to show off their collection. Also, we can say that they are more compact & rigid options to choose.

What is the difference between a hard cue case & a soft cue case?

Soft Cue Case Hard Cue Case
The case can get unzipped completely These types of cases can’t get unzipped fully
Can get folded if there is no cue Can’t get unfolded even like a soft cue case
Less compact & rigid Better in terms of compactness & rigidness
Low in weight High in weight
Low safety against hot environments Better safety against the hot environment

Which are the top 9 best pool cue cases in 2020?

Let’s come to the real thing now! The main reason you are here is to find the most appropriate model available in the market. To ensure that the buyers get access to the most authentic content, we have created a list of 9 top-rated pool case cues in 2020 after a long-lasting research & testing process. Each unit has a specialty that fulfills certain needs of the players. Let’s check out all of them and choose one that suits you perfectly.

1. Iszy Billiards 2X2 Hard Pool Cue Carrying Case (editor’s choice)

The list will begin with a certified and reliable unit that comes with enough room for two shafts & two butts adequately. It is the best pool cue case that comes with all the accessories needed for keeping stuff. The manufacturer has added creature pockets where tips and chalks can be kept.

The complete unit is divided into two cases for the convenience of buyers. Despite being a very high-quality unit, the company has tried to make sure that the product fits everyone’s budget easily. It is available in a variety of colors like black, brown/ black, blue, blue-gray, pink white, black/ red, and hot pink white.

The complete construction of this unit is quite compact that ensures anyone can carry it easily. The product has a very positive reputation among buyers. While researching, we found that more than 97% of people are happy with the quality and use of this cue case.

Complete Divider

One major thing that we want to tell you about this unit is it is divided from start to the end. It allows the users to keep at least two pool cue securely without any damage. Additionally, it makes things easier for users to keep things convenient.

Large-sized pockets

Apart from divider, the second thing that the buyers will like most about is large-sized pockets that ensure all cues and related accessories can be kept wonderfully. The company has designed it to ensure that shafts up to 30 inches can secure adequately.

Vinyl Covering

We can’t miss mentioning the vinyl covering provided by the manufacturing company. It results in providing an extra sort of protection to things that you kept in this cue case.


  • Equipped with a fairly large pockets
  • Adjustable strap for buyer’s convenience
  • Proper vinyl covering on the cue case
  • Made using extra durable material


  • Some may find it a little bit expensive to buy
  • Not an ideal option for daily use

2. Casemaster Q-Vault Pool Cue Case (runners up)

The next one is a deluxe unit that comes with leatherette covering for extra protection to the cues. You can easily keep two cues in this case without any problem in this unit. Another convincing thing that you shouldn’t know is the presence of a removable pouch where the accessories like chalk & spare tips can be kept securely.

Moreover, the Casemaster Q-Vault Pool Cue Case is pretty sleek and stylish enough to add the professional touch. It has a solid level of flexibility that allows anyone to transfer it comfortably anywhere. The manufacturer has also added an adjustable strap for better convenience.

This solid hard pool cue case can protect the pool cues from impacts. It means your cues won’t get damaged even the case falls accidentally from your hands. There is a handy carrying handle added by the unit for easier transportation.

Top-grade Leatherette Exterior

There is very beautiful leather added on the outer side of this case that not only give a perfect look, but also much-needed durability. There is no chance of environmental damage to the cues due to the presence of such exterior.

Large Storage Pockets & Straps

There are two large pockets added by the company on this unit where you can keep a range of accessories for making game convenient. You don’t have to keep an extra bag for holding such stuff. Also, this case comes with a carrying strap for making transportation easily.

Removable Pouch

The manufacturer has tried to take convenience to a different level by providing a removable pouch where players can keep their smaller accessories.


  • Provide an effortless portability level
  • Give ample storage for keeping accessories
  • High resistance against bumps and scratches
  • Crafted in a very sleek & stylish construction


  • New models create a little bit of smell
  • Little bit issues registered with its joint protectors

3. Iszy Billiards 1×1 Hard Pool Cue Carrying Case (best under $20)

Iszy Billiards 1×1 Hard Pool Cue Carrying Case

Iszy Billiards is one of the most recognized brands in the pool industry thanks to their solid collection of products. No matter what budget you choose, finding a bad unit from this company is quite rare. It is one of the superb pool cue cases that you can buy at a very affordable price.

It comes with a pretty hard shell that makes sure your cues get an ample level of protection. There is also a vinyl wrapping for giving extra style as well as comfort. On top of that, the availability of adjustable shoulder strap allows the players to wrap this case pretty comfortable on their shoulders while moving.

It has a length of 31.25 inches that ensure one can easily hold a 30 inches shaft with ease in this unit. That’s not all, there is a zipper pocket added for storing the chalks and other essential accessories. Investing in this product ensures you don’t have to worry about your cue stick again.

Highly compact construction

You won’t face any problem at all transporting this cue pool case thanks to its compact construction. With a length of 31 ¼ “, it is quite easy to maneuver the case. Also, storing this unit is quite convenient, even in small places.

Storage Pocket

One novel quality of this Iszy Billiard model is its efficient storage pocket located on the side. It provides additional space for keeping all pool essentials like pool chalk, extra tips, etc. There is also a zipper for keeping all your items secure.

Perfect value for the money

The next highlight of this unit is its affordable price that let the players protect their pool cues without spending too much money. In short, this hard cue case provides a perfect return to your investment.


  • Manufactured in an adjustable design
  • Equipped with vinyl covering for scratch resistance
  • Fairly large pockets
  • Available in two different colors


  • Complaints about not holding the stick straight
  • Not compatible for cue stick over 30 inches length

4. Lucasi Brown Leatherette Case (best soft pool cue case)

If your main priority is to shop a soft pool cue case that looks beautiful on the shoulder, then this model from Lucasi is all you need to shop. It is designed for giving true peace of mind to the players besides giving comfort and protection.

Trust us, this best pool cue case is something that every pool player will love to have. Moreover, it has space for holding four butts along with eight shafts that’s amazing for sure. There is also a carrying handle for boosting the convenience further.

It is made using extremely durable leather that will offer a completely new type of look to this unit. Besides that, this product is very light and easier to carry anywhere according to the convenience.

Five External Pockets

Yes, you have read right! There are three medium and two large pockets added in this unit for keeping the pool related stuff pretty conveniently. It is quite useful for holding tips, chalks, and many more

Reinforced Carrying Handle

The unit has a comfortable reinforced carrying handle that makes sure you can transfer it anywhere with ease. The company has tried to make everything convenient for buyers.

Adequate Storage

It is a wonderful cue case that comes with pretty large storage. You can keep up to four butts and eight shafts quite convincingly in this unit. The chances of facing any storage issues are quite low when compared with other models manufactured by other brands.


  • Crafted very beautifully with brown leatherette material
  • Equipped with convenient carry handle for transportation
  • Fairly large space
  • Available at a very affordable price


  • Stitching loose after a certain period
  • Lack of zippers in large pockets

5. Casemaster Q-Vault Supreme Cue Case (budget-friendly pick)

Taking out your favorite cue for the game will become easier with the presence of this affordable & durable case. Crafted using a stylish & secure leatherette exterior, this unit is capable of protecting your cues from all types of falls, bumps, etc.

It is a single cue case that can hold one shaft and one butt that let you show off in style. There is an adjustable shoulder strap on the unit that will boost your comfort and allow you to keep cues securely. Additionally, the presence of removable side pouch results in keeping all your accessories handy.

Besides durable durability, the interior is fully lined that make sure cues don’t attain scratches or any similar problem. That’s not all, it comes with a 90-day warranty from the manufacturer’s side that can be very useful for buyers.

Color Options

Many buyers worry about the style while shopping a cue case, and that’s why they look to find their favorite. For the convenience of such users, the company sells this model in three different colors like black, pink, and blue.

Removable Pouch

It is a budget-friendly model, but the manufacturer hasn’t compromised in terms of features. They have added a removable pouch that usually delivered in top models. Here, you can keep things like chalks & tips securely.

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

How can we miss the adjustable shoulder strap available in this unit? Its availability provides the much-needed flexibility for ensuring comfortable transportation.


  • Interior is lined pretty superbly
  • Manufactured using deluxe quality material
  • Backed by a 90-days warranty
  • Complete protection against bumps & falls


  • Lack of separation in sports
  • Only have space for a single cue

6. Elite Prime Leather Pool Cue Case (best leather pool cue case)

If leather cue cases are all you like and don’t want to jump ships, then this product is a wonderful option to choose. It is a hard tube case that can efficiently hold up to 31-inch cue or butt with ease. The manufacturing company has crafted it in a very beautiful & exquisite design for getting superb attention.

It comes with two external accessory pouches that can turn out to be very handy for players. There is also a top flip lid added on the case along with a pretty quick release latch system. There is also a shoulder strap & carrying handle added for boosting the convenience.

The company manufactures this case only in a single color, but they have performed a tremendous job here. There is a 100% possibility that this case will look very beautiful on your shoulder and gave a professional player feel.

Plastic Feet Structure

The most convincing thing in this unit is its plastic feet construction that includes poured rubber mold casting. It results in providing the right level of sturdiness & stability to the system.

Adequate Spacing

The length of this case is 32” that gives adequate space for accommodating cues up to 30” without any discomfort. You can effortlessly hold two butts & four shafts perfectly in this case.

Quick-Release Latch

There are very few units that are available with such a brilliant system. It comes with a case flip-top lid having a release latch that works very quickly.


  • Manufactured using pretty genuine quality leather
  • Extremely long-lasting cue case
  • Equipped with enough space for holding a variety of accessories
  • Easy to carry anywhere


  • Very expensive option to shop
  • Zipper made from poor quality

7. Billiard Depot 3B5S Combo Cue Case (best 3X5 pool cue case)

If you are looking for a cue case where up to 3 pool cues can be kept securely, then shop the 3B5S without researching further. Additionally, it has space for keeping 5 cue shafts adequately that can be a great sign of relief for the players. It is delivered in a beautiful packaging that ensures you can even gift to someone.

The pockets are zippered multiple times that ensure the material last for many years. Moreover, both the pockets of this unit are spring-loaded that allows the buyers to use it in any direction. That’s not all, there is also a standard pocket where small pockets can be kept without any harm. The company has tried to provide all the things for the convenience of the buyers.

When it comes to price, the buyers don’t have to put too much pressure on their pockets. Finding such a great set of features at this price are rare things that make it a perfect pick to make. The chances of disappointment are quite among the buyers with this unit is quite rare.

Spring Loaded Pockets

The major highlight in this product is the presence of spring-loaded pockets that can efficiently protect the cues wonderfully. Both of them are stitched with proper sturdiness & durability that allow the unit to last long for many years.

Black Leatherette Material

The black leather used for this cue case is pretty strong that you will feel by touching the case. Our team has tested each part of this case for providing the highly authentic information to the buyers. There is nothing to worry about its stuff as it is quite good.

Oversized Space

There is a chance that you may think that space would be limited as it accommodates three units, but that’s not a reality. The pockets have a pretty wide space where you can keep additional accessories.


  • Manufactured using high-quality black leatherette
  • Available to buy at an affordable price
  • Equipped with very spacious pockets
  • Properly stitched cue case


  • Lack of top carry handle might be an issue for some buyers

8. Iszy Billiards 3X6 Hard Pool Cue Carrying Case (best under $50)

The eighth position in the list is accompanied by this zippered top case where you can keep six cue shafts and three cue butts with ease. It means you will get enough space for keeping the cues of a small professional team. It is available in four different colors like black, brown, gray, and red. We believe this choice is enough for finding your favorite color.

There is an adjustable shoulder strap available in this best pool cue case where a pocket is installed for keeping things like tips, chalk, etc. Moreover, the construction of this product is quite good and you will definitely appreciate its quality for sure.

It is a highly recommended unit that used even by many professional players. The material used in the interior is quite thick & soft enough to ensure no scratches take place on the cues. Overall, it is a perfect choice to make for having an enjoyable experience.

Vinyl Covering

The presence of vinyl covering makes sure the cue get proper protection. The chances of scratches are almost impossible when your cues stay in an adequate situation.

Colorful Construction

The complete cue case is constructed in a very beautiful manner that makes it a perfect option to keep on your shoulders. Moreover, the product is available in many different gorgeous & wonderful colors that you will love to have.

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Another major thing that we can’t miss mentioning about this product is its adjustable shoulder strap that turns out to be very handy while moving. It presence make sure you can keep it on your shoulders without any fatigue.


  • Extremely budget-friendly pick
  • Available to buy in a variety of colors
  • Equipped with enough space for keeping useful stuff
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for extra convenience


  • Little bit sharper corners might be an issue for some buyers


9. Outlaw Nexus Spring Loaded Tube Style Cue Case (best for uniqueness)

There won’t be an any better option about this list about incredible pool cue cases thanks to its unique construction and style. It is a 3 butt & 5 shafts hard case that can be used for carrying cue cases and necessary items carefully. The back of the case can get accessed quite easily due to the presence of a zipper.

It is a pretty stylish option for moving your favorite cue combinations on the shoulder in a protected manner. The manufacturer has added a tan vinyl interior on the exterior, whereas the interior is boosted with soft felt. That’s not all, you can’t miss the presence of spring-loaded tubes in the interior that results in making access convenient.

Also, the portability is quite brilliant thanks to handy shoulder strap as well as soft-grip handle. Besides that, there are two exterior pockets for making accessory storage better and easier. The brand who manufactured this unit is CueSix International who has a very positive reputation among the buyers.

Highly Reputed Brand

This brilliantly crafted unit is made by a brand like CueStix International. They are case sponsors for APA brands and highly known for their standout products. This beautifully designed & stylish product is proof that’s why they are considered the king of this industry.

Unique Look

The most notable talk point about this unit is its beautiful appearance that needs to be appreciated for sure. Each part of this case looks to be crafted with high dedication and specialization. Also, it is sold by the company in many different variants with each one having a different logo.

Convenient Construction

The convenient hasn’t compromised by the manufacturer of this brand as they have not provided a zippered construction, but also added a carrying handle as well as a shoulder strap for proper convenience of the shoppers.


  • Adequate space for 3 butts & 5 shafts
  • Equipped with two high-quality external pockets
  • Capable of protecting cues from scratches properly
  • Designed extremely beautifully


  • Way expensive than other models in this list


How to choose the right pool cue case?

It is true that every cue case brings some different features in effect, but there are certain things that required being the same in each high-quality model. We have created a buying guide that will help you in selecting the perfect pool cue case model for sure. Let’s have a look at this in detail below:

  • Case Size

The cue cases are available in a variety of sizes that ranges from 1X1 to 5X6 and even more. If you don’t know what these quotients mean, then let’s take the 3X5 as an example.

Here, the 3 stands for the number of butts & 5 stand for shaft tubes. So, please the number of butts & shaft tubes in mind and shop according to the case according to that.

  • Type

As we have explained above, they are available in two different types, i.e., hard pool case & soft pool case. The difference between both of them is explained in a detailed manner in this post.

You should identify your requirements and choose the right type of case that matches them rightfully.

  • Expense

Although it is a personal choice as everyone has a different budget. Still, we suggest the readers for staying true to their pocket and never putting much pressure on it.

Always buy the one that you really need without falling in the schemes of selling companies. Avoid spending too much money just for impressing others and keep protection your top priority.

  • Storage Area

The cue cases aren’t only meant for keeping the cues as there is lots of other important stuff for games. There should be places in the cue case to keep things like chalks, tips, etc.

If it lacks extra storage area, then it is better to ditch the model and look for the one that comes with this feature.


Protecting pool cues is a very vital thing that you need to do for sure. Making a little bit of investment turn out to be very helpful for keeping warping and scratches away. Choose the best pool cue case from the list according to your needs, and we can guarantee that you will have an incredible experience. If there is still a query revolving in your mind regarding the cue case, then please write to us in the comment section or email us.

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