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Best Pool Cue Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

Looking to buy a new cue for the next pool game, but quite unsure about which one to choose? It is a vital decision to make due to its utmost importance in the pool game. No doubt, you can go for a low-cost stick under $20 or even choose to move on spending more than $100 in search of the best pool cue. The choice is all yours, but having a little bit of guidance from this post will be a very favorable thing to do.

There are endless companies involved in the manufacturing of this product that can confuse anyone. Our motive is to help the readers to help the right model that enhances their play quality. Now let’s get the authentic details which will be very useful in the future. For pool cue protection read the cue stick case buying guide.

What should be the ideal weight of your pool cue?

The million-dollar question in the pool world is “how one can determine the weight of cue”? A great number of people select the pool cue after following their favorite professional players. If you ask our professional team, then it isn’t a good idea as selecting the right weight should be based on the abilities of a person that vary from one to another. In simple words, the selection procedure should be based according to the personal abilities of the player, not just the following someone blindly.

The general range for a pool cue is from 18 to 21 ounces with a ½ ounce interval between them. It is the general standard used for all the pool manufacturers nowadays. There are exceptions to some cases where cues lighter than 18 ounces or heavier than 21 ounces are built on special demand by the users. Now let’s talk about both of these ranges in detail below:

  • Lighter Range

A lighter cue is the one that weights 18 or 19 ounces in general. Using this type of cue will make the object ball move into the pocket slowly that results in making the cue ball lively. It will occur because an extra amount of snap created using a lightweight cue stick.

  • Heavier Range

The cue with 20 or 21 ounces is considered as the heavier pool cue. Using this cue will let you move the object ball to the pocket quickly. Moreover, it will be more lethargic due to the presence of extra weight for hitting. Additionally, the amount of snap will be quite low in this case.

The people facing trouble while drawing the ball should never go for a heavier cue. On the other hand, the ones who feel issues related to controlling needs to reduce the weight of their cue. Please keep in mind that the weight of a pool cue can be changed later on. It can be performed by changing or removing the weight bolt.

The majority of individuals begin with a 19 ounce or 20-ounce cue as it is considered a sweet spot in the pool world. If there is still a query in your mind, then we suggest you go for a 19 ounce. The weight can be increased later once you become used too for this game. Need break cue read this guide.

Which are the top 12 best pool cues to choose in 2023?

Let’s talk about the most important thing about this article now for which you have arrived in our post. As we have told you, getting confused is quite common by having too much choice. However, our team is here to educate readers possibly. That’s why we have created a list of top 12 most premium pool cues that you can shop this year. Ditch further wait & choose the model that suits you perfectly.

1. TaiBA 2-Piece Professional Billiard Pool Cue Stick (editor’s choice)

There isn’t any better way to start the list other than this brilliant pool cue stick from the TaiBA brand. Made using top-grade Canadian maple, its quality is something that the majority of cues can never match. There are nine layers of vinyl coating on this moisture & warp resistant stick giving it the much-needed durability. Moreover, the weight of the unit gets adjusted conveniently through-bolt located at the butt for matching needs of players.

The manufacturer has crafted this unit in a sturdy look that makes it perfect for professional use. There won’t be any need to shop for a new cue for many years to come if one chooses to invest in this product. It is a solid quality cue that works perfectly for both competitions as well as local games. In short, it can work perfectly for all types of players who have an understanding of the essentials of the pool game.

Painted Weather Wrap

Another highlight of this cue is its painted leather wrap that offers a highly comfortable grip. The fabric used in this wrap can be cleaned & highly capable of withstanding harsh use. Its paint is capable of staying the same for many years to come.

Flexible Joint

There is a stiff & flexible brass joint added in this cue by the manufacturer. It isn’t only easier to assemble but doesn’t demand any kind of readjusting while playing the game. Moreover, transporting & storing is quite easier thanks to its folded design.


  • Delivered with a gorgeous & long-lasting leather bag
  • Provide a great grip to the players
  • Highly durable construction
  • Available in many different colors


  • A little bit lacking in terms of accuracy
  • Polishing needs some improvement


2. Billiard Depot Billiard House Bar Pool Cue Sticks (runners up)

Billiard Depot Billiard House Bar Pool Cue Sticks (runners up)

This set of 4 sticks is a brilliant pick that successfully tackling the competition with ease. It is even used by casual players in local tournaments for winning them. It is available in three beautiful colors for ensuring that clients can make a brilliant choice. Moreover, choosing this pick is a bargain as it is available in a set of four. The weight is under 5 ½ pounds that ensuring that zero strain can be put on the arms.

If you are looking to enter the world of pool or billiard, then this choice is a perfect option to buy. The company manufactures this pool cue using top-grade wood that ensures buyers can expect authenticity from it. You may not call it a professional cue, but it is worthy of playing the game with friendly or friendly tournaments.

Lowest Guaranteed Price

This pool cue claimed to be available at the lowest price, and we find them true to their words. It is a package of four pool cues that can fulfill the needs of buyers adequately at an affordable price. It means you can shop this tremendous cue without putting too much pressure.

Extra Portability

Unlike other inexpensive cues, this product doesn’t lack in terms of portability. It is a lighter model equipped with hardwood shaft & overlay decal butt.

Leather Cue Tips

The other highlight that we want to mention about this unit is its leather cue tips. Despite being available at an affordable price, the leather cue is designed superbly.


  • Available at an unbelievable price
  • Equipped with hardwood shaft
  • Manufactured in three different designs
  • Decal butt for brilliant shots


  • Durability is on the lower side
  • Warping needs improvement for sure


3. Viper Commercial Canadian Maple Pool Cue (best Maple wood pool cue)

Viper Commercial Canadian Maple Pool Cue (best Maple wood pool cue)

If your main priority is to shop a high-quality maple wood pool cue, then think about investing in this superb product. This model from Viper Commercial brand has only received praise from people who have bought it. The company manufactures this brilliant cue in six different sizes that begin from 36 inches & end up at 57 inches for providing extra convenience to the buyers,

There are nine layers of coating on this maple wood cue, so you can expect authenticity while playing. Each model manufactured by the company equipped with a high-quality leather tip & an ABS bumper for extra convenience. On top of that, the customizable assortment is also available in these products that are tremendous considering the price range. It is a reliable & dependable cue made for long-term use.

Pro Leather Tip

There is a Le Pro Tip added on this one-piece design that results in providing a great grip on the ball. It only results in minimizing miscues along with providing tenacious durability to the play.

One-Piece Construction

The company has designed this superb cue in such a way that high volume usage can be performed quite easily. As we already know, there is top-grade Maple hardwood used for manufacturing this cue that allows it to perform beyond everyone’s expectations.

Minimal Impact

The exceptional construction performed by the manufacturing company is pretty brilliant that results in minimizing shocks as well as tensions while playing the shots on the pool table.


  • Manufactured using top-grade Canadian hard maple wood
  • Equipped with nine layers of varnish
  • ABS bumper for reduced impact
  • Provide a fantastic level of play



  • Tip quality needs improvement
  • Only available in a single design

4. Players Pool Cue Stick (best professional pool cue)

Players Pool Cue Stick (best professional pool cue)

This list can never be completed without mentioning the name of this professional sort cue stick that also manufactured using hard rock maple. It is crafted in a true four-prong design that is perfect for providing solid hits. The company delivers this cue set in the package of four or eight allowing you choosing one as per the needs.

The company has added a high gloss finish on these cues for protecting against the fading as well as warping. Additionally, this pool cue has a high-impact fiber ferrule for preventing cracking or chipping. That’s not all; the company delivers it with a lifetime guarantee for ensuring complete peace of mind. It is a one-piece cue that can work perfectly for both commercial & casual play. The weight of this cue is nearly 6 pounds making it extremely lightweight for the arms.

Finishing Touches

There is a great sort of finishing touches provided by the company for enhancing playability & durability. It results in ensuring that the cue stays the same for a long time.

Four-Prong Construction

With American hard rock maple, the company has crafted this unit in a four-prong design. It let the players play a solid hit on the pool table without any hesitation. That’s why this pool cue is considered suitable for professional use.

Linen Ring

The manufacturer has added a linen ring across the base for preventing cracking. It can turn out to be handy for the convenience of players.


  • Stay away from cracking & warping
  • Delivered with a lifetime guarantee
  • A suitable length for players of all types
  • Play a solid set of the hit



  • Complaints about missing tips in the package
  • A little bit expensive to shop


5. Iszy Billiards Hardwood Canadian Maple Pool Cue (best under $100)

Iszy Billiards Hardwood Canadian Maple Pool Cue (best under $100)

The next one is this two-piece maple cue from the Iszy Billiards brand that made using top-grade Canadian maple hardwood providing an adequate level of durability. There are evenly lined stainless steel joints added by the manufacturer that result in making assembly easier than ever. Additionally, they have added a 13mm fiber ferrule tip for playing powerful shots.

Another thing that we can’t forget mentioning in this unit is it’s Irish lined wrapped handle bringing style to the personality & boost up effective handling. The presence of a protective bumper at the bottom of the bumper is very useful while playing the pool game. It can do wonders for the areas that have a pretty tighter space.

13mm leather tip

The main highlight of this impressive pool cue is the availability of a 13mm leather tip that can be very useful for hitting the balls perfectly. There are very few cues in the market that give liberty to play such powerful shots.

Color Selection

Many players are quite superstitious about the color of the pool cue with which they usually play. If you are one of them, then this model from a reputed brand like Iszy Billiards can be very useful to buy. It is available in seven different variants giving a solid choice to the buyers.

Two-Piece Construction

The company has crafted this pool cue in a two-piece design making sure you can easily move with it from one place to another. The company has performed an exciting job here to construct a pool cue in a wonderful design.


  • Available with four weight options
  • Crafted in eight different colors
  • Made from high-quality & durable material
  • Provide proper controlling due to solid steel joints



  • Very medium smoothness
  • Warping complaints by some buyers


6. GSE Games & Sports Expert Pool Cue (best for high-gloss finish)

The sixth number product in our list is from the GSE games brand that known for its highly impressive reputation among buyers. It has a pretty amazing finish along with two-piece graphite design allowing the users to optimize things for better transportation & mobility. This product can be considered a backbone of our pool cue reviews article that we have created for the betterment of the buyers.

If you believe that this cue is only about the professional glossy finish, then there is a need to change your views. The company has provided a perfect weight to this cue allowing the players to have classy shots. Moreover, it is a nice cue for playing the game of pool in tough spots. In fact, we can say this unit provides perfect value to the money for the buyers. Having a disappointment after playing with a stick is quite rare in the pool community.

Strong Shots

The most amazing thing about this pool cue is the ability that the players got for playing strong shots. The reason behind that is the way the manufacturer produced this stick & provided the adequate weight to it. You will succeed in easily understanding the game basics with it.

Short Length

Another worthy thing to mention regarding this pool cue is its short length that let the users have perfect shots even in the tighter spots. It is a great choice for both beginners as well as professionals even by a mile.

Four-prong design

The company has crafted this impressive pool cue in the prong design that demands a very little amount of coverage. It results in making cue lighter making sure your hands don’t feel any fatigue even after playing lots of games altogether.


  • Lightweight model for convenient use
  • Reviewed positively by customers
  • Manufactured with high-quality hardwood maple
  • Come with multi-layer leather tip


  • Warping in some cases
  • Complaints about tips getting off after some months


7. Viking Valhalla 2 Piece Pool Cue Stick (best pool cue for beginners)

If you are new to the world of pool & don’t want to compromise with the quality of play, then the Viking Valhalla 2 is the most appropriate choice to make. It is a quality option to buy that manufactured by the company in a variety of colors like black, orange, green, pink, and red among others. There will be no shortage of options for buyers while checking this amazing product.

Additionally, this best pool cue is available to shop in four different sizes that range from 18 oz. to 21 oz. It is performed for making things amazing for the buyers so they can find the model as per the convenience. That’s not all; the company offers a lifetime manufacturer warranty against warping that proves how authentic this cue is. Furthermore, the transportation of this cue is simple which makes it a worthy option for beginners.

Attractive Color Selection

As we have already explained, this pool cue is available in many attractive colors on the butt. It will make sure you can customize the stick as per your appearance. We can guarantee that you will easily find cue in the favorite color of your choice.

Stainless Steel Threaded Joint

The second most amazing thing about this extraordinary pool cue is its threaded joint that made using top-grade stainless steel material. It makes sure durability doesn’t get compromised in any manner. The screws are stick together by the company in such a way that you won’t notice them in the cue.

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

The pool cues that come with a lifetime manufacturing warranty are quite rare, but this one offers this advantage to the buyers. There is no need to worry about warping that is the major issue with which the new players have to deal.



  • Highly premium quality pool cue
  • Available in eight different colors
  • Make snug connection with the ball
  • Give a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty


  • Very expensive pool cue to buy
  • Not ideal for highly professional games


8. Imperial Eliminator Hard Rock (best billiard stick)

Many will say that pool & billiard is the same thing, but only a professional can tell there is a solid difference between them. The same goes for the cue that is slightly different than the one made for the pool. We have added this model for the one who is looking to play billiard with this stick. It is an affordable unit to shop having a hard maple for having much-needed durability. This lucrative cue is a perfect example of the superb mechanical job from the manufacturing company.

For those who don’t know, Imperial is a reputed name in the field of billiard. Apart from cues, they are known to manufacture a great variety of top-rated pool tables that stay the same for years. The joints in this unit are pretty tight and don’t wobble at all. Both novice and professional players will find this unit an incredible option to buy.

Tough & Long-lasting Tip

The biggest talk point of this pool cue is its hard & durable tip that stays the same even after tons of games. The level of friction created by the impact is coefficient and hit the ball perfectly. Despite playing superior shots, the tip doesn’t get damaged at all.

Exceptional Feeling

There are very few units available in the market that offers such a feel while playing. The woodwork & designing process of this pool cue is quite wonderful. Also, the balance is quite satisfactory without any imperfections in any manner.

Clear Gloss Handle End

This billiard cue has a handle with crystal clear varnish allowing it to slides nicely on the hands. It ensures that the players miss the shots to a pretty minimum level.


  • Manufactured using exceptional rock maple
  • A great option for hitting fantastic shots
  • Available at a very good price
  • Excellent designing work



  • Packaging needs little bit improvement
  • Takes time to get used too


9. Players D-JS White Cue (best professional pool cue)

Are you a true pro in the field of pool & want to buy the model that suits your needs professionally? If yes, then we are going to fulfill your wish by presenting Players D-JS white cue. However, it doesn’t mean that the novice or intermediate can’t buy this one. There is a ball joint manufactured using stainless steel material that makes sure both pieces stay together while playing.

It is available in seven different sizes that begin from 18 ounces to 21 ounces. There is a lifetime warranty offered by the manufacturer on this product that is quite exceptional as the users can stay free from worries regarding warping. Furthermore, it has a stainless steel joint collar for making sure players can have strong hits.

Clear-cut construction

The biggest thing that we like most about this cue is its clear design that is loved by the majority of professional players. The company has crafted it in seven different sizes ensuring that there is something for all types of players.

Highly impressive build

Unlike other premium pool cues, this incredible cue has a rubber butt cap for providing super traction. It isn’t the only thing that differs in this unit as the manufacturer has added forearm having a white finish and superb illustrations. The quality of play gets a boost due to these features.

Professional Pro Tip

The manufacturer has added a hard oak leather tip that is blended using Tweetan. It results in holding the shape on an extended phase along with bringing extra uniformity so that play becomes consistent.


  • Available in many different designs
  • Pretty excellent design
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Equipped with stainless steel joint collar



  • Very average shaft
  • Not so good rubber grip


10. Aska Billiard Cue Stick (best budget-friendly unit)

If budget is a constraint, but still you want to end up shopping a decent cue stick, then this model from Aska brand should be your choice. It is a high-quality unit that delivered in the set of three, four, five, six, seven, and ten. Despite being a pretty affordable option, there is no compromise made in terms of quality by the manufacturer.

Each of these cues in the package has different colors like black, green, red, blue, and brown. It ensures that the users can play each game with the cue of a different color. There is a premium quality material used by the company that doesn’t wear out even after months of use. Furthermore, it is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 18 to 21 ounces.

Unique Construction

The most important thing to mention about this unit is its beautifully crafted design that is pretty different than the cues available in the market. There is a solid black grip added by the manufacturer that makes sure the players can have a comfortable experience.

Different Colors

Just imagine how cool it will if you have pool cues of different colors in your bag! If you have a similar wish, then it will granted if you choose to spend money in this unit. The package of 5 makes sure you can play each game with a unique color.

Perfect Spin & Stroking

There is a pretty good spin imparted by this cue to the play with easy control. Finding such an experience with others is a little bit tougher thing to experience. Also, the stroking provided by the cue is quite satisfactory & the chances of the complaint will be rare.


  • Comfortable to play
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • One of the cheapest to buy
  • Premium quality material


  • Fragile pool tips might be an issue
  • Little bit warping issues


11. Purex Players Technology Series HXT15 (best pool cue under $200)

The HXT15 is a professionally crafted pool cue that gives a perfect example of how quality & affordability get blended. We won’t surprise if this high-quality cue blows off the mind of your competitor’s thanks to its unique appearance. The manufacturing company Purex has added conventional styling black points and white accents for boosting its performance.

This model has manipulated the upgraded low deflection technology for making sure players can have highly accurate shots. There is a classic construction powered by next-generation pool technology available with this unit. Crafted using top-grade North American maple wood, you can expect the quality to be pretty amazing.

Pure X Technology

Pure X is a highly established technology that results in providing forgiving to all the shots perfectly. It offers a value that is difficult to match for any ordinary unit. Also, the manufacturing company sells this cue with a lifetime manufacturer warranty that even includes the warpage.

Special Epoxy Finish

There is a special epoxy coating added by the company for making sure the cue stay protected from any kind of moisture. That’s not all; the wood is treated using nelsonite that gives power to the cue for tackling the warping caused because of atmospheric changes.

Low-Deflection Ferrule

Unlike other cues, this one comes with a proprietary HXT low-deflection ferrule that results in minimizing the deflection to a greater extent. It directly boosts the power and accuracy of the shots.


  • Provide a perfect balance between durability & affordability
  • Proper protection from moisture & warping
  • Manufactured completely from North American hard rock maple
  • Available in a variety of weights


  • Little bit inaccuracy in soft tips
  • Complaints about flimsiness by some buyers


12. Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Merchandise (best pool cue for intermediate)

Crafted in a completely sleek design, this impressive cue with a fiberglass finish is the perfect way to end up this list of the best pool cue. There is a pretty smoother feel, and excellent grip offered the hands thanks to the proper utilization of North Michigan maple wood. Furthermore, the cue performed wonderfully in terms of playability, flexibility, and durability. Moreover, this highly impressive model is available with the logo of various NFL teams that is simply a delight for the fans.

Additionally, the company offers an anti-warping guarantee that minimizes the worry to a greater extent. It let the players use different techniques without any need to worry about accuracy and damage. The presence of a non-deflecting shaft makes sure the players can have a right shot even on the first go. You can buy this cue in many different weights ranging from 18 oz to 21 oz.

Le Professional Tip

The thing that we loved most about this unit is its Le Professional tip that has a very positive reputation in the pool & billiard arena. There is a pretty impressive torque & proper control provided by the cue stick for amazing play.

High-quality adhesive

The tip of this cue is secured by the manufacturer in the ferrule having a top-grade adhesive that makes sure it stays in its place even after frequent use. There is a right level of reinforcement offered by the fiber threaded ferrules to the tip that results in minimizing the vibrations.

90-day guarantee

The company sells this unit with a three-month guarantee that may not seem too much considering other brands that offer a lifetime warranty. However, you need to understand that life guarantee is against warping, but this unit offers a guarantee against the complete cue. The thing that we want to tell is both of these guarantees are different.


  • Come with fiberglass & hard rock maple
  • Resistant against the warp & moisture
  • Available with the logo of many different NFL teams
  • Sold at an affordable price range


  • Adjusting weights using bolt is difficult
  • Limited warranty


How to choose the best pool cue?

There is a great variety of things that needs to be kept once the person has decided to buy a pool cue. However, the majority of people don’t care about them & end up regretting later. At this blog, we have to help the community & that’s why we have created a buying guide that you can check below:

• Length

The first thing to check is the length of the pool cue that should be adequate according to your needs. In reality, it depends on the height of a player. A standard cue having a length of 58 inches is ideal for people with a height between 5.8 feet & 6.5 feet.

If your height is more than this, then a cue with a length up to 61 inches will be the ideal choice to make. For kids, we suggest using cues with the length between 48 & 52 inches.

• Weight

The next thing to keep in mind is the weight of cue that normally lies between 17 to 21 ounces. This choice completely depends on the comfort level of the player. However, the greater portion of individuals usually goes for either 19 or 21 ounces cue.

• Warp Type

The third most important thing to worry about is the type of warp you want in the pool cue. It can range from leather to line or even cues with no warp at all. If you follow the advice of our expert team, then it is ideal to go for the one having linen or leather wrap as it can absorb the sweat.

A rubber grip is also a great option, but its life is on the lower side, that might be a reason to worry.

• Tip

Located at the front of the cue, the tip is the part that hits the ball. So, you must buy the right one that matches your style. If you are looking for a spin in the shots, then a soft tip tends to be the most appropriate option.

On the other hand, hard tips aren’t considered a good option for spinning shots, but it lasts much longer than the soft tips.

• Budget

There are no constraints while choosing the budget for buying a pool cue. It is available to shop for as much as US$ 30-40 and go even more than US$ 500. You have to choose according to the required performance and durability.

If you want to play professional tournaments, then it is important to increase your budget & buy premium models. For people who want to play pool casually in their home, then any good cue under $150 will be an appropriate choice to make. No doubt you can spend as much as you want, but there are pretty wonderful models available in this price range.


Are you still undecided about which pool cue to choose? Check out the list presented by our team again & we are pretty assured that you will easily find the right model as per your needs.
Think about the way you want to play the game & make a choice according to that. Each of the products mentioned here is the best pool cue and have something special that will definitely boost the quality of your play. Is there still a query about this equipment or any other pool accessory? If yes, then email us or write below in the comment section!

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