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Best Pool Table Cover Reviews And Buying Guide 2023

A true player understands the importance of equipment and makes necessary arrangements for boosting their life. The same goes for a pool game and buying the best pool table cover is the most convincing unit to buy for protecting and boosting the longevity of the pool table. It will ensure that the table lasts a lifetime without asking for too much maintenance. However, many newbie players even pros avoid this fact and don’t invest money in it that hurt them dearly later. It makes them look like a fool that no one wants to be in their life.

Our professional team suggests you shouldn’t be like them and buy a high-quality cover for their pool table. In this post, we will talk about tons of interesting things about this unit along with telling top models available in the market. Try to stick with us until the end of gaining valuable details.

Why should you buy a pool table cover?

Many readers ask us this question about “whether it is wise to invest in a pool cover or not”? A die-hard & professional player knows how important it is to maintain the equipment for having convenient playing. Let us give you some reasons for shopping a pool table cover below:

  • Dust & spill protection

The most common type of contaminants that affect the quality of the pool table is dust and spills. As we all know, dust and dirt get settled on the table quite easily that can debilitate material and increase the chances of tearing. However, this situation can be avoided by covering the table when not in use. If you don’t know how to take care of your table read our guide.

  • Staining protection

Staining is one of the most things that the pool table owners have to face. That’s why the cover manufacturers added a cotton backing to ensure that the stains stay away from the table. It means having a cover will keep your table protected from stains.

  • Firm attaching

Quality tables cover comes with elastics at the corners that make sure you can keep place the cover firmly on the table. It ensures that the corners of the table also stay the same for years along with the felt.

We have only mentioned a few of the benefits offered by the cover to the pool table. In reality, it is capable of doing much more than that. Investing money in a cover is a good idea if you are serious about the longevity of your pool table.

Which are the top 10 pool table covers to buy in 2021?

The time for real business has arrived now! Now, we will talk about the real thing due to which you have arrived on this post. There are tons of units available in the market that can confuse the buyers for sure. Although the major models are available at an affordable price, still it is important to shop for the right option so that your pool table stays protected for a long time.

Our team has tested more than 20 units to make sure the readers get access to an authentic product. In this post, we have created a list of the top-rated 10 pool table covers to buy in 2020. Let’s check out each unit and shop the one that you find most compatible with your table.

1. GSE Games & Sports Expert Heavy Duty Billiard Pool Table Cover (editor’s choice)

This one is the most superb and brilliant pick to choose from among the various models available in the market. The manufacturer has designed it explicitly which makes the fitting perfect on the table. Moreover, it is created by GSE Games & Sports Expert who is considered a trusted name in this industry.

It is a very tough cover made using top-grade vinyl material. You will see the cover doesn’t attain wrinkles even during unfolding which is a great sign of relief for the users. There are weighted corners added to the unit for proper fitting to ensure no part of the table gets harmed.

Heavy-duty Vinyl Construction

The top-most thing to talk about this unit is the heavy-duty material used for manufacturing it. The company has used solid quality vinyl that not only protects the table from getting damaged but also stays free from wrinkles. You won’t have to worry about the dust and spills after putting this cover on the table.

Appealing Black Look

Besides durability, the main thing about which the buyers are happy is its beautiful and attractive black appearance that will result in boosting the look of your table. Awesome detailing on the unit ensure you can easily place it on the table that even kept in the drawing-room.

Machine sewed seams

Another convincing thing that buyers need to know about this cover is impressive seams that are sewed using a machine. They result in adding an extra level of durability to the unit. Also, it has weighted corners that make things convenient for buyers.


  • Provide very tight and compatible fitting to pool tables
  • Crafted using heavy-duty vinyl material for better sturdiness
  • Available to shop at a reasonable price
  • Doesn’t show wrinkles while folding


  • Complaints about chemical smell by many buyers
  • Not available for 10 feet tables


2. Boshen Heavy Duty Billiard Pool Table Cover (best leather pool table cover)

The product that deserves the second position in the list is a magnificently designed pool table cover made using high-quality leather. The company manufactures it in a variety of sizes that range from 7 feet to 9 feet. On top of that, this best pool table cover is available in three different colors like black, brown, and green. The availability of heavy-duty leatherette ensures that the table stays free from dust spills and other damages.

The company delivers this unit with a money-back guarantee for the authenticity of buyers. It is a perfect example of fine workmanship provided by the workers of this company. There is cotton fleece backing added to the unit that makes it ideal for long-term use.

Color & Sizing Options

There are very few units available in the market that comes with such a choice. It makes sure the varying needs of clients get fulfilled at every cost. You can shop it in colors like brown, black, and green. On the other hand, there is no need to worry about the sizing issue as this cover is available in sizes like 7, 8, and 9 feet.

Heavy-duty leatherette

We can’t miss mentioning its heavy-duty construction of this unit that made from top-grade leatherette. It is a wrinkle-free unit that provides an adequate level of durability and coverage to the table for ensuring no damage.

Perfect workmanship

The brilliant artistry by the company ensures that the cover fits perfectly on the table. There are weighted corners added for proper compatibility and durability on the unit. The chances of facing any fitting issue are quite zero with this cover.


  • Equipped with cotton-fleece backing for customer’s convenience
  • Backed by a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer’s end
  • This pool table cover available to shop at a good price range
  • Made using environmentally friendly material



  • Complaints about the delivery of wrong size cover by some buyers
  • Confusion about color design


3. Viper Billiard Pool Table Cover (best under $20)

If you have placed your table outdoors, then we suggest you to not looking for any model other than this affordable unit. It is crafted in universal construction that ensures that the cover can fit perfectly on all types of tables. It is the best outdoor pool table cover giving proper protection from things like sunlight, dirt, spills, pets, and many more. The chances of the table getting damaged are quite rare when this cover put on it.


The fitted style of this unit makes sure that protection can be provided to both the top surface and the side aprons equally. Additionally, the cover is sold by the manufacturer at a very affordable price range so that one can buy it without putting any strain on their pocket.

Adequate Fitting

The most convincing thing that we want to talk about in this unit is its appropriate fitting providing maximum protection to the table. The manufacturer has crafted it in universal sizing for the convenience of the buyers. Also, there is nothing to worry about quality as the company has used top-grade material that let the cover last long for years.

Affordable Pricing

Many times people spend too much money on the pool table that results in leaving pretty less money to buy a cover. If you have done something similar, then go for this cover as it won’t hit your pocket too hard. Buying this unit will ensure you can protect your pool table with ease.

Value for the money

Lots of people may think that the unit might be a waste of money considering its price, but that’s completely wrong. In fact, it is one of the few models available in the market that offer complete value to the money for buyers.


  • Available to shop at a very cool price to the buyers
  • Fit adequately on tables of all the sizes
  • Retail its color even after staying in direct contact with sunlight
  • Crafted in a fitted style for better convenience


  • Didn’t come with a waterproof feature
  • Complaints about flimsiness by many buyers


4. Iszy Billiards Heavy Duty Billiard Cover (best for color combination)

The buyers who are super choosy about the color of the cover for their pool table should think about shopping this model. The people can buy it in colors like amber, burgundy, black, and green so the chances of finding the right one that matches the décor of your color will be quite easier. Moreover, it is one of the most suitable leatherette pool table covers that you can find in the market.


There is a cotton backing added on the unit that allows it to fit with the majority of 8-foot tables with ease. It is manufactured using heavy-duty viny to provide longevity to the unit. The company has taken care of all things conveniently for a better experience.

Cotton Backing

The thing that we want to talk about this unit is the presence of cotton backing on the unit. It ensures that protection can be provided to both sides of the table along with felt. There is nothing to worry about the protection of the pool table.

Smoother Touch

Another reason to add this unit to the list is a smoother feeling that users can have by touching it. Additionally, the company delivers it in many different colors to add glamour and touch to the table. You can shop it in colors like amber, burgundy, green, and many more.

Proper fitting

None of the buyers have complained about the fitting of this unit in any manner. Furthermore, we have tested this unit at all parameters and find that it performs brilliantly when it comes to fitting.


  • Available in a great variety of colors to choose from
  • Manufacturing this top-grade material
  • Fits perfectly on 8-foot tables
  • Sold at a convincing price range



  • Some people may not like the smell of this cover
  • Not ideal for 9 foot or 10-foot tables



5. Imperial Pool Table Fitted Cover (best Naugahyde pool table cover)

Unlike other companies, this brand has used Naugahyde instead of vinyl or leather material. You can expect it to stay the same for many years to come by providing the right kind of protection from things like sun, dirt, spills, and other impurities. The company sells it in a variety of sizes that allow the cover to fit on tables ranging from 7 to 9 inches tables.

On top of that, they crafted the cover in many different colors for matching the décor of your table. It includes black, mahogany, and brown. Investing your money in this Naugahyde table cover turns out to be a very beneficial condition that will protect your table for many years to come.

Better Potency

As we all know, the ability of Naugahyde to deal with the abuse is much better when compared with vinyl. That’s why you can expect a greater performance allowing your cover to continue protecting the table adequately from impurities.

Comfortable Fitting

The second thing that we like the most about this unit is its ability to adapt to the dimensions of the table. It sticks perfectly with the top surface and aprons so that nothing gets inside. The complaints about the fitting of this table are registered quite rare.

Size and Color Options

The company has tried to ensure that people with different table sizes can buy this cover. That’s why it is available in 7, 8, and 9 feet inches sizes for improving compatibility. Also, the availability of three color combinations gives buyers a better chance to match the decor of their room and table.


  • Safeguards against various impurities quite convincingly
  • Manufactured using top-grade Naugahyde material
  • Crafted in many beautiful colors that don’t fade away
  • Fits with the majority of tables perfectly


  • The stitching needs a little bit of improvement for sure
  • Very costly to shop


6. Billiard Depot Heavy Duty Leatherette Cover (best 8-foot pool table cover)

The next one is another leatherette cover that is made for tables with an 8-foot length. So, the people owning a table with such a dimension can think about investing money in this unit without even thinking further. There are double-stitched reinforced seams added by the company on the cover for increasing the compatibility. The presence of a leatherette finish adds the much-needed grace to the place.


Furthermore, the people who like class can also think about buying this excellent pool table cover dye to its beautiful grace. There is only high-quality material utilized by the company for crafting this cover that ensures proper protection.

Resilient Material

The main reason that this cover has made its position in the list is due to the ability to withstand the various impurities quite convincingly. The majority of covers available in the market advertise them as the best, but this unit has proved to the one. You will only hear positive things about this cover from its users.

Attractive appearance

It is a highly giftable unit that you can buy for having some wonderful compliments from the other person. There are very few units which offer such a better appearance to the table. The presence of black specks gives it a classy finish that you will love to have for sure.

Proper safety

Besides good lucks and top-notch material, the company hasn’t overlooked the safety perspective. They have added double-stitched reinforced seams for making sure the cover can comfortably hold the table. There will be nothing to worry about the moisture and other impurities due to this.


  • Crafted with a very beautiful black finish
  • Fits perfectly with 8-foot tables
  • Equipped with double-stitched seams for better functioning
  • Manufactured using top-grade leatherette material


  • Takes a little bit of time to flatten the wrinkles
  • Not a cheaper option to shop



7. Imperial Official Licensed NFL Pool Table Cover (best under $100)

If you are a fan of the NFL and looking to support your favorite team, then there won’t be a better option than shopping for this pool table cover. It is an excellent unit that may be a little bit costly to shop, but you won’t complain after seeing its quality and licensed trademark.


It is available with the name of more than 20 NFL teams that include Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, New York Jets, San Diego Chargers, Seattle, Seahawks, and New England Patriots among others.  Additionally, the company has used Naugahyde material for making this unit that ensures the buyers don’t have to worry about durability at all.

Officially Licensed Unit

As we have already told, this unit is licensed officially from the NFL, so there is nothing to worry about its authenticity. They have released it by keeping the emotions and needs of various teams’ fan. That’s why you will see it is available with the logo of many different teams.

Top-grade material & Safety

If you believe that the logo is the only thing that this cover brings for the buyer, then you have to change your thinking. It is made using high-grade Naugahyde material that can keep your table protected from a variety of things like dirt, spills, dust, and many more. The chances of damage on the table with this cover are quite low.


It may be a costly unit to buy, but investing money in this cover will ensure there won’t be any need for a new one for at least a decade. This product has the ability to stay the same for many years to come.


  • Officially licensed by NFL for football lovers
  • Extremely durable unit providing extreme protection to the table
  • Capable of withstanding much more abuse when compared with normal products
  • Fits perfectly on the table without any dent


  • Sold at a very costly price
  • Not available for 9 or 10 feet table


8. Iszy Billiards Heavy Duty Billiard Cover (best under $50)

Are you one of those people who often prefer buying oversized covers? We have tried to cover the needs of various people in this post, and this product will satisfy their needs. It is a heavy-duty 8.5-foot heavy-duty cover that can fit perfectly on the table without creating any serious issues. There is cotton backing added on the unit for adding more credibility to the table.


The company has provided a beautiful black finish to the unit for making sure the cover doesn’t look bad on the table. Besides that, there is nothing to worry about wrinkles even if you fold the cover for a long time.

Oversized Construction

The main reason that people get attracted to this unit is plus-sized construction ensuring that the buyers don’t face any fitting issues. The company has performed quite an extraordinary job on this unit and tried to add an extra half inch for better covering to the table.

Cotton Backing

The other thing that will make us make this unit a part of this list is the presence of cotton backing. It makes sure that no scratches occur on the table and keep the table in a comfortable condition.

Heavy-duty material

There is no chance that one may feel any issue about the quality of this unit in any manner. The manufacturer has only used heavy duty material for creating this unit to ensure the product doesn’t break off after some years of use.


  • Available at a convincing price considering the quality and build
  • Equipped with cotton backing for protecting the unit against scratches
  • Protect the table from a variety of purities
  • Crafted it with a very beautiful finish



  • Only available in a single color
  • Doesn’t fit with 9 & 10-foot tables


9. Imperial NCAA Pool Table (best indoor pool table cover)

The imperial brand has tried to cater to the needs of many different sports leagues. Apart from the NFL, the company has manufactured this unit for the fans of the well-known basketball league NCAA. This cover is available with the logo of teams like Michigan Wolverines, Kansas State Wildcats, LSU Tigers, Michigan State Spartans, Ohio State Buckeyes, Arizona State Sun Devils, Alabama Crimson Tide, and Missouri Tigers among others.


It is one of the good pool table covers that fits perfectly with the surface of the 8-foot table. This licensed unit is created using top-notch Naugahyde material that makes sure the product stays the same and continues protecting the table for many years.

Pet-friendly unit

If you have a pet in your home and want to make sure the table doesn’t get due to nails of cute ones, then this product is all you need to shop. It is a high-quality product that doesn’t get torn off by pets in any condition. Apart from that, the unit provides proper protection from spills, dust, and dirt to the table.

Multiple teams’ logo

The product is created with a motive to convincingly cater to the team of all NCAA fans. No matter, you are a fan of Alabama Crimson or Missouri Tigers, this cover is available for all.

Softer interior

There is a full possibility that you will fall in love with the softness of its interior. It is pretty amazing keeping the table protected from scratches.


  • Doesn’t create a fuzzy link on the table at all
  • Provide complete protection against scratches
  • Available with the logos of many different teams
  • Doesn’t lose its charm even after years of use



  • Extremely hard for the pocket to buy this unit
  • No color choices


10. CueStix International Fitted Heavy Duty Cover (best value for money)

The list created by our professionals will end up with this classy unit made from the CueStix International brand. It is a highly innovative unit manufactured by the company by keeping the traditional customer base in belief. With dimensions of 100 X 50 inches, this unit can fit on 8-foot tables quite convincingly.

Furthermore, this unit is very lightweight with only 3 pounds allowing you to keep it very convincingly. Moreover, they have used Naugahyde material for using this unit that is considered much better by plastic and vinyl even by professionals.

Long-lasting material

The material used by the manufacturer is of top-notch quality so you can expect it to last for many years. Investing money in this product is the right thing to do if you don’t like to shop for things often.

Different color options

There are few products in the market is available in more than one color. However, this one is a brilliant option that can be shopped in five different colors like black, brown, green, tan, and wine.

Protection against liquid spills

It is a waterproof pool table cover that ensures that make sure liquid spills never spoil the felt of your pool table. So, there will be no need to worry about those types of stains after putting this cover on the table.


  • Extremely lightweight and easy to move the unit
  • Perfect for investment pool table cover
  • Available in many different color options
  • Sold at an affordable price considering the quality and build


  • Doesn’t fit on 9 foot or larger tables
  • Complaints about color fading by some buyers


How to choose the right pool table cover?

After reviewing all these covers, we believe that many of you may be still confusing about choosing one out of this list. For easing your tensions, our team has created this buying guide so that things become easier, and readers can select one. Let’s check out each consideration seriously:

  • Material

The most important thing to check in a pool table cover is the durability of the material. They are manufactured using a variety of material that includes plastic, leather, vinyl, and even Naugahyde.  The solid material considered for these covers is Naugahyde that doesn’t get torn off easily and provides complete protection to the table.

The next best one is leather that lasts quite long and can be treated quite easily. Other choices like vinyl or plastic are good if your budget doesn’t allow that.

  • Color

It is essential that you buy a pool table cover that compliments the décor of your table or room. The common color manufactured by companies is black as it compliments all types of decors and loved by the majority of buyers.

However, if black doesn’t suit you, then there are models that available in other colors in the list. However, try to go for the one that looks good in your playing room.

  • Dimension

The third important thing to look for a pool table cover is its size. The dimensions of the unit should be adequate to cover your table adequately. If it failed to do so, then it will be no use of buying this product.

The dimensions of the cover are mentioned by each company on their package. Check out all of them carefully and then buy it with ease for effective covering.

  • Budget

The budget can’t be overlooked irrespective of the unit you shopped in life. The same trick goes for a pool table cover that needs to be bought sensibly. They are available for as low as US$ 20 and can be bought for even more than US$ 100.

You shouldn’t fall out on the claims of companies who claim that their covers are superior and that’s why they sold them at higher prices. Instead, try to go for the one that fits in your pocket effectively without putting too much pressure.

  • Design

Last, but not least is the design of the cover that you are going to shop. They are available in different designs as some come with elastic edges for making easier convenient, whereas the other ones have fitted corners that result in making fit secure. However, you should try to stick with the design that gives you the utmost comfort.

On top of that, the design may not hold too much importance for many buyers, but it will be ideal that you cause that make you feel better.


Our team has tried to simplify the process for the buyers and made sure that they end up making a brilliant choice. We believe it will be easy for you to shop the best pool table cover after following buying guide that created by us. A smart player will always invest money in a pool table cover as they understand that it is a costly investment. If there is still a query revolving in your mind regarding this unit, then please write it in the comment section. Our team is here to serve with the most authentic suggestions and advice.

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