What are the major differences between Pool & Snooker?

Are you one of those people who believe that the pool & snooker are the same? If yes, then we suggest you read this complete post as reality are pretty different than your imagination. Here, we will talk about the main differences between pool & snooker. Your views will completely change after reading this entire article.

Let’s first talk about both of them in brief. We will begin with pool.

What is exactly the pool game?

The game of pool is played on a pretty small table with dimensions of 6X3 feet. It is quite easier to play this game when compared with snooker due to a small area. It comes in two major varieties, the first one with eight balls & the second one with nine balls.

The pool is quite popular among the young generation and gave a tough competition to snooker in recent years. We have a guide on how to clean the pool ball have a look.

The pool is a practice that’s approachable and attainable but Snooker is a different N difficult kettle of tricks as novices need not apply cos it’s an acquired skill too hard N too high!

What exactly the snooker game is?

Snooker is played on quite a larger table that has six pockets. It is considered by many as a professional level game, but it strongly depends on one’s interest & taste. The dimension of the snooker table is 9, 10 and 12 feet.

What are the major differences between the two?

  1. Number of balls

One of the key differences is the number of balls used in the table. There are 22 balls in a snooker table out which a white ball is called the striker ball. In remaining ones, fifteen are of red colors whereas the other six ones are of colors like green, black, pink, yellow, brown, & blue.

On the other hand, the number of balls in the pool greatly depends on the type of variant you are playing. In general, there are sixteen balls in the pool and each with a diameter of 2.25 inches. Eight of them have solid color numbered from 1 to 8, whereas seven balls have a strip with a color numbered from 9 to 15. The remaining one is called a cue ball and has a white color.

  1. Cue type

You may haven’t realized that the length of cues in different in both snooker & pool. In snooker, the cue’s length is between 57” & 63”, whereas the tip diameter is nearly 10 mm.

On the other hand, the length of the cue stays between 57” & 58 inches in the pool. When it comes to cue, the top diameter stays between 11 & 14 mm.

  1. Cue holding end

In snooker, there are no coverings provided on the holding ends of the cue.

When we talk about the pool, the holding ends have a covering of linen wrap.

  1. Set of rules

It is common that each game will have its own set of rules and the same goes for these. We will tell you about the major ones. There are frames in the game of snooker and player scoring most points win a frame.

In the pool, the points are scored by players by shooting the balls towards the pockets. Here, the players agree on a certain score where the winner will be declared. Generally, a professional game is of 150 points.

  1. Table size

There is a pretty huge table used in the snooker, and it is the nature of game demanding the balls to get controlled as precisely as possible. The table has a pretty smoother surface so that limited friction offered to the balls while traveling.

As we have already explained, the pool tables are quite smaller when compared with snooker. Also, they don’t have extra smooth surface & offer high friction while traveling.

  1. Pockets size

We can ensure that you may have never realized this fact before. The pockets in the corner are smaller when compared with side pockets in the pool tables. Furthermore, the table markings in both these games are quite different.

However, the size of both corner and side pockets stays the same in the case of snooker. There is numbering placed on certain spots in the table.

  1. Popularity

The snooker has huge popularity in countries like the United Kingdom, India, Canada, Australia, and the Middle East. Additionally, its craze is rising in other Middle Eastern and European countries.

When it comes to pool, the United States considered as the fort from where the majority of its players come.


Snooker is considered a simple game, but things become pretty tougher in the entry of tough competitors. However, the pool is quite a decent game that people even with limited skills can play easily. The snooker involves lots of strategies, and that’s why this game meant to be slow. The pool is a short-lived & fast game that gets finished quite easily.

No matter, you play pool or snooker, it is better to stick with the basics & continuously improving the skills. Both of them are closely related, but still different from each other.

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