Hidden Ball Mastery: Tips from the Pros

What kind of game?

“Hidden Ball” is a classic party game that is sure to be a hit, whether you’re feeling tipsy after drinking alcohol, or whether you’re a beginner billiards player or a pro player. Of course, there are some areas where someone with better billiards skills can have an advantage in the game, but the luck of the hour has a bigger impact on the outcome. …But above all, while playing this game, everyone around the table is bound to burst into laughter.

Basic rules of the game

■Ball used 15 target balls from balls 1 to 15 and a cue ball (you can also play with 9 or 10 target balls).■How to assemble a rackAny position is fine (Figure 1).


■Game purpose: leave your target ball on the table until the end.■Basic rule points In addition to allowing players with shot rights to shoot at any target, rules can be set depending on the number of players participating in the game and the level of each player.

#03: An example when playing with 5 people

There is no fixed number of participants or rules for “Hidden Balls,” so here, five people participate, each holding three of the 15 target balls, and playing in a complete one-shot rotation. Here’s an example.


Once the participating players have been decided, each player will be assigned 15 target balls. The method of sorting the balls is particularly free, but some billiard goods have a small ball with a ball number written inside a leather pot to hide the ball (Photo 1). It is convenient to use this if the pool hall you play in has one. At this time, each player must remember the number of his ball.



Then, after determining the order of shots, the first player takes a break. Whether the target ball goes in or not during this break, the turn passes to the next player. If any target ball lands at this point, the number of that target ball will be displayed for all participating players to see. The player with that number then declares to the other players that the pocketed target ball is his own and that he has only two balls left.


After that, participating players will play one shot at a time in order. Each time a ball is pocketed during this process, the player whose ball was pocketed must declare the ball. If the target ball is pocketed but a foul has occurred at the time, the pocketed ball is returned to the foot spot (Figure 2) and the player holding the target ball is considered the survivor. It is a good idea to decide in advance whether to call the ball out when it is pocketed. And if this cycle continues…


The number of target balls on the table gradually decreases, and some players end up pocketing all of their balls. That player obediently announces to the other players that they have run out of balls and are eliminated from the game. As the game continues, eventually there will be only one target ball left on the table, and only the player who has that target ball will survive and win the game.

*Common fouls in pocket billiards 1_ScratchA foul in which the cue ball falls into the pocket either directly or after hitting some target ball. The subsequent processing will vary depending on the type of game.2_ Touch the ballThe only thing you can touch the cue ball with when shooting is the leather tap attached to the cue tip. Touching any other part will result in a foul. It is also a foul if you touch the target ball. 3_Outside the stadium, if the shot cue ball flies off the table, or if the shot causes the target ball to fly off the table, it will be a foul.4_twiceThe tap may only touch the cue ball once during a shot. If you hit the cue ball more than once after it has been shot, it will be a foul.5_ Both feet are off the floor at the moment of the shot, one foot must be touching the ground, even just the toe. For example, if you sit on a table and shoot with your feet in the air, it will be a foul.6_Make a market is a foul if you place any kind of marker to help you determine where you want to aim when taking a shot.

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