How To Aim In A Pool? A Basic Guide

No one can deny that the aiming holds a very important space in the game of pool. If one isn’t good at it, then the winning a pool game is almost an impossible task. It is important that you keep in mind that better aiming is half of the real work. The players target to play the cue ball in the accurate direction with great precision by missing fewer shots. However, they miss that this technique needs two major things- a straight stroke & perfect aiming.

In this post, we will talk about the techniques through which aiming can become easier in the pool. You will get pretty important details about the pool along with different types for aiming. We suggest you have a look at the complete post so that nothing gets missed that can result in hurting your game. Our team just put write a new article about how to rack balls for the different game click here to read.

What exactly aiming mean in the pool?

Aiming can be defined as a technique to aim accurately & consistently on the target that ensures you can play the game quite easily. It only becomes effective if you understand the way to identify the sight of the ball that you want in the pocket. This ball is also known with the name of the object ball.

From sighting, we mean identifying the right path for the object ball so that it gets hit to the pocket. You can improve skills by practicing the targeting consistently. If you believe that this game can be learned instantly, then you are on the wrong path. in case you have confusion about pool and snooker click here to read this guide.

What is the best pool aiming systems?

Although there are a great number of aiming systems are too many, but the majority of them are useless. Here, we will tell you three best pool aiming systems that are actually worthy of learning. Check about each of them below:

  • Contact Point Aiming System

The technique where the players have to target the contact points of the cue & object ball is known as the Contact Point Aiming System. The success of the shot greatly depends on these two spots. For checking the contact points correctly, the player’s eyes should be on a different line.



This technique demands the players to look down the contact point line while shooting the ball. Many of them find it quite natural, while others find it quite disconcerting. If you ask us, we can say that you can learn this technique by point stick towards the target.

  • Pivot Aiming Systems

Pivot Aiming is one of the simplest, yet effective methods that you can employ in the pool game for exceptional results. In fact, many highly professional players use this technique and succeed in winning the pool game. Here, the players have to target the full line of the object ball’s edge with both their hands. Also, the width of one’s tip should be outside the center ball.


The bridge hand should be in place, whereas the cues stick needs to be pivoted to the center ball only with the stroking arm. There is a true geometric aim offered by this technique for the majority of cases. However, please keep one thing in mind that the Pivot Aim System isn’t ideal for absolute half ball hits.

  • Fractional Aiming System

This one is considered one of the oldest aiming systems in a pool that is used by the players for centuries. It is the main reason that players of all skill types adopt this system to win games. Here, the players need to look & point their stick at different fractions of the object ball. You can see it “half-ball hit,” and no one will get surprised. The quarters of the ball are used mostly in this system.


In this type of technique, the players have to execute a 30˚ cut shot by pointing it towards the center of the stick. At the same time, the cue ball’s vertical axis will at the object ball’s outermost edge. It received the half-ball name hit due to the shooter’s visual perspective. He/she will see that half of the object ball strike by half of the cue ball. if you are also thinking about having a new best pool table don’t forget to read our expert’s buying guide.


We have explained the most consistent & effective aiming systems in the pool. You are free to employ any of them according to your requirements & needs. Additionally, there is no restriction that you have to use only these systems as you can use any other one too if it suits your style. Is there still a question in your mind? If yes, then tell us in the comment section. Our team will answer all of them with ease after great research.

Practice guys & enjoy a terrific game of pool guys! Don’t forget to share your which aiming technique you find the most convincing. It will be pretty useful for fellow readers.

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