How To Clean Pool Table Balls: The Ultimate Guide

No matter, you have started playing pool recently or involved in this game for years, it is guaranteed that you will accept that keeping the pool balls clean is an impossible task. They will attain chalk, dirt, & many other things when you continue playing with them on the table. However, you can improve their condition by cleaning them regularly. The majority of people avoid this thing owing to limited time & non-interest in cleaning. In this post, we will talk about the cleaning process in detail, so you understand why it is necessary. we have also a guide on how to clean the pool table have a look.

What are the various methods to clean the pool balls?

Although you may find tons of different methods for completing this process, the majority of them can result in damaging the pool balls. However, we will tell you about the two that work & never causes any trouble. Let us start by giving you information about both of them.

1. A mixture of detergent and water

It may look like an obvious choice as detergent or soap came in our mind when we think about cleaning something. The ingredients that you need in this process are hot water, microfiber cloth, detergent or soap, a towel, and a couple of buckets. Now, we will tell you about the steps to follow for cleaning pool balls using this procedure:

  • Firstly, take a bucket and add hot water to it. After that, add some detergent or soap whichever you like. We suggest you mix it adequately in the water.
  • The balls need to be soaked in this mixture for at least 10 minutes.
  • At the same time, we suggest you are adding cold water in the other bucket. No need to get surprised we will explain why you need both hot & cold water in this process.
  • Pick the soaked balls from the mixture and wipe each of them using a microfiber cloth properly. If you think there is a need, then think about adding extra soap to the cloth so that they get brighten up.
  • Now, it is time for washing each of them with the cold water that you have added in the other bucket.
  • Once the washing process gets completed, you need to take a towel & wipe all the balls so that they become completely dry. The common mistake done by people is leaving the balls half-dry that can damage the balls to a greater extent. However, you shouldn’t make such a mistake.

2. Using a top-grade pool ball cleaner

You might be thinking that why we have written the word “top-grade” above. The reason is many people end up buying a low-quality cleaner despite spending huge chunks of money. However, you need to be a smart consumer & go for only high-quality pool ball cleaners. It is the perfect option for individuals who don’t want to follow a lengthy process mentioned in the first point.

These cleaners are a brilliant choice for individuals who always stay short of time and prefer to complete the process quickly. Check out the different pool ball cleaners and go for the one that suits your needs perfectly.

Why is it important to clean the pool table balls?

If you are taking this cleaning process as a headache, then we suggest you checking things that will be discussed now. Our team has mentioned some of the premier benefits of cleaning the best pool table balls below:

  • Boost play-ability

Your stroke ability will become better for sure if your balls are cleaned & polished adequately. The balls become to succeed in rolling quite smoothly if they are cleaned properly & free from dirt.

  • Minimizes table maintenance work

Do you know the chalk considered as the silent killer for the table felt if left for an extended period? As we all know, there are lots of chalks get attached with balls that travel from one place to another. It can also result in the collection of debris. However, you can minimize it by cleaning the balls consistently. It means you can do a dual job just by cleaning the pool balls.

  • Polishing

After finishing the cleaning process you there is once a task that needs to be done. The balls need polishing we don’t encourage you to wax the balls those are for cars and surfboards, so stick with the polishing


We believe that our readers will become succeed in cleaning the mess from the pool balls following things mentioned in this guide. It is very important that you complete the cleaning job on a frequent basis so that the potential damage to both table & balls can be minimized. However, we suggest you perform this job with complete precautions without putting too much pressure. Do you have any other technique to clean the dirt from pool balls? If yes, then what about telling it in the comment section. It will turn out to be very useful for your fellow readers. Good luck with the cleaning process guys!

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