How To Clean Pool Tables? Step By Step Proper Guide

A table is the costliest equipment that you need to play the pool game. That’s why it is important that you clean it frequently to boosts its life. No doubt, the tables become dirty after some hours of play. No matter, you are a professional player or just play on the weekends, cleaning should be an important part of your playing routine for sure. It will ensure that you have the enjoyment of playing for many years to come. Generally, there are tons of dust & dust collected on the pool tables even if you keep it in the most adequate condition. It can cause many negative effects on the surface that can affect your game’s quality.

In this post, we will talk about different methods for cleaning the pool table adequately. Here, you will get detailed information and right manner for cleaning up the stains room from the table. Our team believes that you will get great assistance in pool table cleaning after reading this post. Don’t have any idea about shopping for a pool table? click here to read our guide

  • Brushing the table

Firstly, it is important that you invest money in a specially made pool table brush having soft bristles. It doesn’t cause any damage to the felt at all. Brushing the table is the beginning of the cleaning process. That’s why we suggest you performing it in ease without putting too much pressure.

  • Straight direction brushing

The common mistake made by people is brushing the felt in a circular direction. We suggest you avoid making this one and creating two passes on the table. Start from the center and then brushes out to the sides. After that, start from one and continue working towards the other end. Always brush light & avoid heavy strokes.

  • Vacuuming the table felt

Set the machine at the light mode to vacuum the felt of the table. It will trap all the dirt & chalk that left after the brushing process. The upholstery tool of this machine has the ability to capture even the tiny particles. After that, we suggest using vacuum cleaners crevice tool for cleaning under the rails. Along with that, never forget eliminating the debris that collected on the pockets.


That’s all; your pool table has cleaned perfectly from all the sides. This process will ensure that you become successful in maintaining the new look of your pool table. If you perform this process regularly, then the feeling while playing will also get a boost.

How can water spills eliminate from the pool table?

We suggest avoiding water spills on the table as it can damage its structure. However, there is nothing to worry about even if a spill has occurred on it. Many instances result in accidentally spilling water on the felt.  Let us tell you about a simple technique for clearing out the water spills from the pool table.

  • Firstly, you need to place a towel or stack of paper towels on the spill. Never press it as it can penetrate the table felt and cause a permanent stain. Furthermore, it can damage it so you should avoid this at every cost.
  • Leave the towel for at least 10 minutes and then remove it. After that, add a new towel or stack of paper towels on the spill.
  • Continue this process until the complete water gets absorbed. It will prevent the table felt to get damaged due to water.

Tip for preventing the buildup of spills & dirt on the pool table

So, now you know the process to clean the pool table. It is almost impossible to keep the pole table completely free from dirt & spills. However, there are certain things that you can do for minimizing. We have mentioned each of them below in detail:

  • Keep drinks away from the table

There are many instances where we have a couple of drinks with friends or family while playing pool. The sides of the table seem to be an appropriate location to keep the glasses that result in creating dirty rings. Moreover, you may create spills all over the table by accidentally knocking the glass. So, the best thing that you can do is keeping those glasses in different furniture far away from the table.

  • Covering the pool

There is nothing a better way to prevent dust on the table other than covering it when not in use. Buy a high-quality pool cover (you can interconnect this with money article) and improve the longevity of the table. Trust us; it is worthy of investing money in a pool cover.

  • Keep pets away

If you have pets at the home, then we suggest you keep pets away from the table & never let them walk on it. The felt of the table can be ruined due to their claws that will demand a replacement. So, if you want to avoid it, then please follow the instructions mentioned in this point.

  • Avoid falling chalk dust on the table

It is common that the dust from chalk falls on the table when you play pool. As we all know, there is lots of dust in the chalks that can create a solid & difficult to clean the mess. It can be avoided by following a simple technique, i.e., chalking your stick away from the table. Also, don’t forget to eliminate the leftover dust from the stick after chalking.

  • Regular cleaning

Last, but not the least. Frequent cleaning is important to keep your table in a tip-top condition. We suggest cleaning once a week if it used on weekends. On the other hand, cleaning three times a week is necessary if it used daily.

also, we have a pool ball cleaning guide it may help you don’t forget to read.


We strongly recommend our readers to clean their pool table regularly as it is a costly investment. Leaving the dirt & spills will result in damaging its felt and causing lots of problems later on. If there is a question in your mind related to table cleaning, please tell us in the comment section. Our expert team is always here to help you.

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