How To Hold A Pool Stick? A Newbie Can Play Now

There is a complete possibility that you might be having problems related to a proper hold with the stick in the pool game as a beginner. Nothing to worry as the beginners generally feel such kind of issue quite often. Please keep one thing in mind that there is an utmost importance of holding a stick properly in this game as it boosts the consistency as well as accuracy. Here, we will talk the way to hold a pool stick with proper details so you can enjoy the game perfectly. Our expert just published a guide on how to rack the ball on the pool game.

Why is it important to hold a pool stick perfectly?

As we all know, the cue is an essential part of the pool game that even considered driving force by many. Holding it correctly not only boosts precision and target but also assists with steadiness while playing the game. Furthermore, having a right shot might also be a difficult task if you hold the cue in a wrong manner.

Let’s check out the major benefits of holding a cue stick correctly mentioned below:

  • The main that got improved when you learned the right way to hold a cue stick will give an increased focus on the table. There are superb chances that you will succeed in attaining better accuracy due to it.
  • You will also acknowledge that the chances of playing a wrong shot will get minimized when you hold the stick correctly.
  • There will be less strain on your fingers and hands when you play the pool game for a long time. People find pain in their hands if they hold the stick in the wrong way.

What are the main elements about holding a pool stick correctly?

If you want to make sure the hold is fully accurate, then it is essential to keep certain things in mind. We will explain the major ones with proper details below:

  • What should be your hand position while holding a pool stick?

Here, the foremost thing that you should keep in mind is that forearm needs to be perpendicular to the stick while hitting the cue ball. To understand the pool in the right way, you need to identify where it should be held, and that’s why it contact the hand position. Always ensure that you find out the perfect spot for placing the hand that is a mystery for starters. The basic rule for figuring out that is to keep your hand perpendicular to the stick.

If it isn’t perpendicular, then we suggest moving the hands as per that. To do so, you have to hand the forearm straight down below the elbow without compromising with the comfort of the wrist. It will ensure cue stay low that directly assists in complete alignment and accuracy.

There is nothing to worry even if the arm moves slightly forward while playing the shot. However, please be sure that it shouldn’t be angled back while making a connection with the cue ball.

  • What should be the grip while holding the pool cue?

The thumb rule for this element is to maintain the grip completely natural. It should be fully relaxed and light on the hands. It is the essential thing to keep in mind once you know where to hold the stick. You should avoid the most common mistake everyone makes, i.e., putting a very tight grip on the stick.

If you are looking for a hard shot, then there is a full possibility to tense up. However, it should be avoided at every cost. It can result in affecting your control as well as accuracy so that you won’t get any benefit from it. No matter, you are looking to play a hard break or want a soft shot with full accuracy, using this technique will hurt your game.

The most suitable way to have a natural balance in terms of comfort and control is by laying the stick and then pick it with minimal possible effort. Isn’t it simple and easier? It is the most incredible way for holding the stick. All you need is placing the cue in the fattiest side in your hand, i.e., the part between index fingers and thumb. After that, thumb needs to be wrapped, whereas you need to do the same thing for the first three fingers on the stick. You can think about releasing the fingers to keep your wrist still while playing the stroke.

  • What should be the front hand position?

The position of the front hand is considered as the bridge, and they are of two types- open and closed bridge. Each one has their advantages, and it is up to you which one suits perfectly for the hands. You can have better control in the closed bridge, whereas the open bridge let the users have better aiming.

If you like an open bridge, the hands need to be put flat on the board along with raised knuckles. Also, the fingertips and hands should be pressed down along with moving the thump against the side of the hand. There will be a V shape created between hand and thumb when you place the cue with these positions of the hand.

On the other hand, the closed bridge involves creating a fist by putting hands on the table along with spreading the three furthest fingers to the thumb. The remaining finger should be next to the thumb followed by lifting and sliding it under the thumb. There will be a loop developed between those fingers, and your job is to slide the shaft of the cue in the loop. That’s all; you will succeed in creating a brilliant loop.

Tips for New Pool Players

For beginners looking to improve their pool game, here are a few additional tips:

  1. Practice aiming and visualizing shots before taking them.
  2. Focus on developing a consistent pre-shot routine.
  3. Study and learn different shot techniques and strategies.
  4. Play regularly to build experience and improve your decision-making skills.
  5. Have fun and enjoy the learning process, as mastering pool takes time and dedication.


1. How tight should my grip be when holding a pool stick?

Your grip should be firm but not overly tight. Avoid excessive tension, as it can hinder your stroke’s fluidity and control.

2. What should I do if I keep miscuing?

If you’re experiencing miscues, check the condition of your cue tip. Ensure that it is properly chalked and in good shape. Also, evaluate your grip and make sure it’s not too tight.

3. How long does it take to master holding a pool stick?

The time it takes to master holding a pool stick varies from person to person. Consistent practice and seeking guidance from experienced players can accelerate your progress.

4. Can I use gloves while holding a pool stick?

Yes, some players prefer using gloves to reduce friction and enhance their grip on the cue stick. Experiment with gloves to see if they improve your comfort and control.

5. Should I keep my bridge hand stable during the shot?

Yes, it’s essential to keep your bridge hand steady and stationary while taking a shot. This stability ensures accuracy and control throughout your stroke.


This is all for telling you the exact method for holding the pool stick guys! We believe that you now understand each detail carefully and it is time to play the game of pool. The things mentioned in this post will let you have a brilliant hold and help to improve skills if practiced carefully. If there is still a query in your mind regarding it, then write to us in the comment section.

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