How to Score Big in Bowlard: Tips for Pocketing 10 Balls

What kind of game?

This bowlard is currently being used in the practical test of the JPBA (Japan Professional Pocket Billiards Federation) professional test. Of course, this game alone does not tell you everything about a player’s true ability, but after completing this game, which has a score out of 300, the same as bowling, the specific score obtained as a result is based on the player’s skill. It strongly reflects the level. It is also perfect as a solo practice game where you can objectively judge your own level.

Basic rules of the game

■Ball used 10 target balls from balls 1 to 10 and a cue ball.■How to assemble a rackPlace the ball with the same number as the current frame number at the top of the rack. Other arrangements are arbitrary (Figure 1).


■Game purpose 10 frames and aim for a high score. For all shots other than break shots, the “called shot” rule, which specifies the target ball you are shooting and the pocket you are placing it in, applies. Also, similar to bowling, you will pocket 10 target balls within one frame (2 innings).

Game flow

Step 1: From break shot to end of game

The first inning of a frame always starts with a break shot from any position in the kitchen (Figures 2 and 3).

If there is no foul at this time, the first inning will continue regardless of whether a target ball is pocketed or not. After that, everything proceeds according to the called shot rule, and if the called target ball is pocketed, other target balls pocketed at the same time also score points (Figure 4).

If you pocket all the target balls in the first inning, it will be a strike and the frame will end, and you will move on to the break shot in the next frame. The first inning ends when there is a shooting error or a foul, and the second inning begins. If you can pocket all of the remaining target balls, you will have spare balls, and if you miss on the way, the frame will end. At the end of each frame, players record their points according to the bowling scoring format, then reassemble the rack and start the break shot for the next frame. This cycle continues for 10 frames, the final score is calculated, and one game ends (Table 1).

Points of rules to have fun playing

Foul1: Type of foul

Fouls (*) common to pocket billiards apply.

Foul2: If you foul

In Bowlard, if a foul is committed in the first inning, the cue ball is restarted in its current position, except for scratches and the ball being out of bounds. In the case of a scratch and the cue ball is outside the field, the cue ball starts the second inning as a free ball in the kitchen (Figure 6).

Also, if you commit a foul in the second inning, the frame ends at that point and you move on to the break shot in the next frame.

Original Rule1: In case of a shot mistake

In Bowlard, if you make a shooting mistake in the first inning, the second inning will start with both the cue ball and the target ball in their current positions; if you make a shooting mistake in the second inning, the frame ends at that point, and the next frame moves on to the break shot of the frame.

*Common fouls in pocket billiards Scratch: a foul in which the cue ball falls into the pocket either directly or after hitting some target ball. The subsequent processing will vary depending on the type of game.2_ Touch the ballThe only thing you can touch the cue ball with when shooting is the leather tap attached to the cue tip. Touching any other part will result in a foul. It is also a foul if you touch the target ball. Outside the stadium, if the shot cue ball flies off the table, or if the shot causes the target ball to fly off the table, it will be a foul.4_twiceThe tap may only touch the cue ball once during a shot. If you hit the cue ball more than once once it has been shot, it will be a foul.5_ Both feet are off the floor at the moment of the shot, one foot must be touching the ground, even just the toe. For example, if you sit on a table and shoot with your feet in the air, it will be a foul.6_Make a market is a foul if you place any kind of marker to help you determine where you want to aim when taking a shot.

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